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  • Schaefer Healthcare Advisory Services, LLC (SHAS) was founded on the premise that many healthcare and other industries realized that they needed some help in certain areas in their organization. SHAS brings over 17 years experience in the healthcare industry including but not limited to hospital administration; insurance; mergers & acquisitions; oversight of large and small physician practices in many sub-specialties; start-up organizations; and many more.

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Schaefer Healthcare Advisory Services, LLC

Despite the concentration in healthcare, SHAS has project managed many other endeavors in other industries such as construction. Below is an outline of some of the areas that SHAS has been successful in.


Our approach is quite unique and simple. After an initial meeting to better understand the needs of your business, we will put together a recommendation for success in very specific areas and functions. The recommendation will include a "recipe" for accomplishment accompanied with customized reports, tools and/or dashboards for you to monitor the progress. No project is too small. Some may take longer than others.


- Experienced in a Wide Range of Business Functions
- Focus on Your Specific Needs
- Free Assessment of the Organizations' Potentially Troubled Areas
- Results Driven and Effectively Tied to Profitability
- An Affordable Approach to Sustain the Solvency of the Organization

Every fiscal year most organizations engage in putting together both operating and capital budgets. As the year progresses, it is prudent to see how the company is performing compared to budget on a quarterly and monthly basis. A variance analysis should be performed to determine which departments and/or lines of business should be addressed.

The appropriate management and personnel should formulate action plans to rectify large variances that are increasing costs. Waiting until the end of the fiscal year may be too late and the administrative goal of profitability can easily be missed.

"How well are we performing" Metrics should be in place to understand our respective business lines. There are many metrics that can be designed to fit your needs and accountability. The most pertinent ones need to be identified and reported to management on a regular basis, usually monthly.

Similarly, benchmarks assist us in comparing our metrics to other companies in the area, region and overall marketplace. This is used as a measuring stick to determine our success and/or downfalls.

Many different functions, there are more, have been briefly explained throughout this website. At Schaefer Healthcare Advisory Services, LLC, did not design it as an all-inclusive offering. In fact, it is more designed as an ala carte menu to suit your specific needs.

As mentioned, we will perform a free assessment of your business to assist you in determining is necessary to augment the health of your organization. Again, this is not limited to healthcare organizations.

Feel free to contact us at any time to make an appointment and we look forward to collaborating with you to enhance the durability and sustainability of your proud organization.

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